Thursday, July 29, 2010

I have been reading too much lately...circumcision

In the past week, i have read about 5 other blogs/articles concerning "bothced" circumcisions. One a child nearly bleed to death and needed emergency surgery. One child has need 2 extra surgeries to correct meatal stenosis(narrowing of the urthera) due to his circumcision. One child has adhesions like Hunter. Another from a grown man who can't have satisfying sex from a botched circ. And finally one about a poor baby dying from his circumcision(due to blood loss). Many people don't understand why the issue of circumcision is so important to me, well this is why. Yes, many men/boys you know probably don't have any "problems" from their circ., but many do. I keep hearing more and more stories of bad circumcisions. The internet and the fact that we are in 2010 has made more people open to discuss complications. I'm sure in 1960, 70, and 80...there were all these problems, we just didn't a.)talk about it or b.)didn't have access to hear these stories(gotta love the internet.) The major reasons, i hear to circ are
1. Cleaner(just a myth...if you don't believe me ask a european man or women for that matter)
2. Needs to look like dad/peers. Well the peer argument is loosing it's fight as the circ rate is slowing down. As for the dad part..i find it selfish and dumb...yep i said selfish. Why does a man care if his son's penis looks like his? I mean if the dad has black hair and the kid has blonde is he going to dye his sons hair(and this would actually make more sense as seeing as everyone sees his head and not many will ever see his penis). Men, get off your high horse and actually practice what you preach(you know the whole it is ok to be different line we tell our kids)
3. Looks better. Who says it looks better? YOU? Last time i checked what looks good to one person, doesn't look good to another. Plus the owner of the penis is the one who should decide how his penis should look anyway.

4. The newest one is reduces HIV/STDs. Yes, some flawed studies have showed this and the scary part is some medical groups believe it. But all you have to do is look at Europe's cir rate(which is extremely extremely low) and compare it to our cir rate and then compare the HIV/STD rate. Europe's HIV/STD rate is lower than ours and our adult males are highly circumcised. Not to mention condoms are the safest measure to protect agaisnt STDs. i would never do any genital operation on my daughter to reduce her chance of STDs, so doing it on a boy doesn't make sense either. Plus like the looks better should really be up to the owner of the penis if he'd like to be circumcised as a STD preventive measure.

I know to many, i'm just repeating myself, but it makes me feel better. LOL.