Monday, April 12, 2010

They have names

and many more

They have names, they are NOT just numbers or percentages. These boys are human beings that were circumcised and came out of the experience with problems(some have been "fixed" and some have not). TO think it won't happen to your son, well that is just ignorant. I'm not going to repeat myself on all my beliefs on this issue or doctor's actually going against ever health organization to recommend this procedure(you can read that in my other blogs anyway). I just want people to see the names. Place a name to a number. Maybe shed a tear for them.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just kind of a Public Service Announcement

Anytime i post a blog or something on FB, I don't expect EVERYONE to agree with me. Sometimes, I'm stating my opinion and other times just putting out medical research or other research out there with my opinion tied into it. I am very strong in my opinions and blunt and will even admit, i don't understand certain reasoning's. BUT that doesn't mean I think that someone is a bad person, nor am i judging them if they don't' feel the same way as me. So, just know that sometimes I put up what i do to VENT or sometimes to educate. I don't do it to degrade anyones choices. The education part is important to me, for several reasons. Mainly, because there is so much info I have come across as a parent, that i myself would never have thought to look into, if i hadn't met another parent who did A, B, or C , when i was doing D, E, and F. After talking to them and looking into things I changed my mind some and I thank those people for that. Of course on somethings, i haven't changed my mind. When I had Hunter, i was around no other modern parents. Yes, i had my parents and my in laws and i appreciated advice from them, but they weren't parents in today's world. A world were carseats weren't as important and boosters were never heard of. A world were babywearing was some odd thing(might still be to some people i guess) . A world were Organic was not a word really known in the food industry. So, when you are going off info from your parents generation, you may be a little out of the loop. I like to help bring people in the loop. And then of course it is up to each person to do what they feel is best for their child/family for their situation.

PS....I also love when people bring me in the loop too, because obviously i still have much to learn as well. I think everyone can always learn something new.