Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm so much more than that

I am a passionate person(obviously look at my "name"). I have strong strong opinions and like to speak out about them, but I am more than that. Yes, I am the intactivist and proud of it. I'm the gay right activist and proud of it. I'm the car seat informative and proud of it. But, lately i feel like I am being defined by my passions and not me as a whole person. I will always love a good debate and always look at some people like they've "lost their marbles". I'm not naive either, i realize some people look at me that way... *cough*mydad*cough*. I am a person who hates her weight and hates that she doesn't have the will power to change it. I am a person who thanks god everyday for 2 boys(and no girls). Nothing against girls in general, it just seems all the females in my family have some major female problems, so it is nice to realize my kids won't have to deal with that stuff. I am a person who loves loves to read trashy romance novels. I am a person who really really wants to move to the East Coast. I am person who loves those that don't agree with her. I've always said as long as you aren't a prejudice person, compulsive liar, or abusive i will probably be your friend. And I am person who is of late, not as patient a mother as I should be. Point being, I'm just a person!