Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just kind of a Public Service Announcement

Anytime i post a blog or something on FB, I don't expect EVERYONE to agree with me. Sometimes, I'm stating my opinion and other times just putting out medical research or other research out there with my opinion tied into it. I am very strong in my opinions and blunt and will even admit, i don't understand certain reasoning's. BUT that doesn't mean I think that someone is a bad person, nor am i judging them if they don't' feel the same way as me. So, just know that sometimes I put up what i do to VENT or sometimes to educate. I don't do it to degrade anyones choices. The education part is important to me, for several reasons. Mainly, because there is so much info I have come across as a parent, that i myself would never have thought to look into, if i hadn't met another parent who did A, B, or C , when i was doing D, E, and F. After talking to them and looking into things I changed my mind some and I thank those people for that. Of course on somethings, i haven't changed my mind. When I had Hunter, i was around no other modern parents. Yes, i had my parents and my in laws and i appreciated advice from them, but they weren't parents in today's world. A world were carseats weren't as important and boosters were never heard of. A world were babywearing was some odd thing(might still be to some people i guess) . A world were Organic was not a word really known in the food industry. So, when you are going off info from your parents generation, you may be a little out of the loop. I like to help bring people in the loop. And then of course it is up to each person to do what they feel is best for their child/family for their situation.

PS....I also love when people bring me in the loop too, because obviously i still have much to learn as well. I think everyone can always learn something new.

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