Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ok, i'm going to make this super short, otherwise i'll just get annoyed

OK, I'm sure most of you heard about how a school cancelled prom due a lesbian student wanting to wear a tux and bringing a girl for a date. What really got me when reading those articles was how many people were blaming the student. How dare she ruin prom for all the others students. NO, how about how dare the school make this outright stupid decision and ruin the prom for all the students. I mean do we then dare those black student ruining lunch for those white people by protesting white only restruants. Or how dare those women ruining those men's voting experience by protesting the inequality of the voting system . If no groups that were being discriminated against stood up for themselves, where would we be? Would we still have slavery? Would women still be property of their husbands? Seriously inequality is inequality and good for all those who stand up to this BS!!!!!!!

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