Monday, March 8, 2010

Yeah...i'm that annoying intactivst

Soooooooo...I've been called overbearing in this area and I'm sure I am, but i don't find that is a bad thing. My oldest son is circumcised and it was the biggest mistake I've ever made as a parent. He had reattachment issues and bled quite badly. He is now 4.5 and still occasionally complains of his penis hurting. I worry that this will effect his sex life as an adult and it possibly could. I did not look into the "benefit"/risk scenario before circumcising. I mean why would I...that is just what you did, it was for the best, like breastfeeding is. Doctors made me sign a consent, but the consent really only mentioned "normal" complications from surgeries in general. Nowhere was it listed the complications that only happen from reattachment. And then many doctors after the fact, make reattachment like no big deal. Yeah tell that to my baby bleeding from his penis after you "detached" it. I was in denial of the first year of his life. If anyone mention circumcision, i supported it, because by not would be admitting my mistake. And this was no simple mistake, it was a HUGE one. Finally, i admitted to myself what i had allowed to happen to my little baby. IT was gut wrenching and traumatizing for me, but I'm sure it was way more traumatizing to my son. SO, my goal is to educate people. I know i may only change 1 in 100 people's mind on circumcision, but that is 1 baby saved. Saved from possibly even death. Yes, rare, but it HAPPENS. I've been told well all surgery involve risks. And yes that is true, but pretty much all other surgeries on children will improve their quality of life or SAVE their life, while circumcision does neither of these. So, to have your child die from something that would not have help him in the least bit, well that is just incomparable. I also get the myths thrown around about how it is cleaner and all that BS...seriously, people!!!!!! I give medical stats, after medical stats, and of course most of the time it does nothing. 80% of the world is intact . We in American just have this overwhelming urge to operate on a child for really no good reason...Health organizations have not recommended routine infant circumcision for years. UMMMMMMM...wonder why? Oh, that is right, because it isn't necessary. The fact that doctors themselves still recommend or perform it is what is really baffling though. I truly think some of it stems from the fact that: then they as person would have to admit they were cut for no reason or they cut their boys for NO REASON... of course that is just my opinion. The on call pediatrician when i had my second son (who is intact, thank you very much) asked if we were circumcising. I and he started listing "benefits" and i said to him. Why would i have you or my OB perform a procedure YOUR OWN ACADEMY doesn't recommend. Yeah, that shut him up. What could he say. Well, that is it for now...I will back to annoy more later.

Video of a circumcision(no this isn't to freak out parents or put fear into them, but to realize what is involved in the procedure)

Love this for scriptures. I have had many non jewish friends say that their religion favors it. While it is catholic, it does pull quotes from the bible(so great for an Christian religion really)

AAP policy on circumcision(and actually the AAP is the most "laxed" on circumcision as most other countries out right say "no don't do it" pretty much)

Dr. sears-

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  1. I'm glad you spoke up 2 years ago almost... if you hadn't I might not have decided to look into it more and read for myself about all the awful complications and total lack of a good reason for it. I'm glad you spoke out about it because now I'm educated and my son is in tact. So thank you.

  2. Thanks Jessica...seriously that makes me cry. I do this not to critize those who circumsised, but to educate. At least if a person still does decide to circumsise after a lengthly conversation with me(HAHA) and research, then they go into it openly. Many people do not, incluing me on July 29th, 2005.