Sunday, April 10, 2011

So, how do i do this

How do i balance my intactivism with not wanting my son to be self concisous about his penis? My husband and I plan on telling him that we believed like Many americans that there were benefits to circumcision and it was just what you do. We will tell him, we are sorry for taking his foreskin away. His foreskin had a purpose and a great purpose. We will tell him, what we have found out medicially since then, so hopefully he will keep his future sons intact. But, i do worry that in sharing this with him, it will make him so aware on what he is missing, that it will take over too much of his life. And that is never my goal. I don't want to tell him, that there is something sexually wrong with him. How he feels about his genital is his own business. So, i do i handle this delicate subject with him, when he is older? It can't be ignored, but it can't be drilled in sooooo hard, that he starts hating his penis(where he may not have beforehand). I at least have some years to find that balance

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