Sunday, May 23, 2010

You are entilted to not agree with me, but please don't tell me what to post and not post...circumcision

I don't think you are a bad parent because you circumcised your son. And of course I know you went into thinking this was the best decision for your child and your family situation. But I will continue to post how I feel about circumcision. I feel it is an unnecessary procedure with little to no benefit. In fact all health organizations agree with me, because no health organization recommends routine infant circumcision. I know some doctors do recommend it and i don't know why. Maybe because they themselves are not perfect and believe the myths that many believe. Doctors ARE NOT perfect. Doctors have made many mistakes over the years. Back in the 50's some doctors would actually recommend one brand of cigarette over another. A surgery my mom had some years ago for her reflux is now not the recommended course. So, maybe, just maybe we as a society can realize the mistake we made starting this surgery(which was started to curb masturbation actually). Some will say there are reducing infections. Yes, the foreskin could possibly get infected, but so can any other part of our bodies. IF you cut off my pinky finger then of course my chance of my pinky being infected is eliminated. Lets not forget it reduces the chance of penile cancer(but this cancer is so rare, men are more likely to get breast cancer). Now, I'm not minimizing this for men who've had penile cancer, because I'm sure to them it does not matter that the cancer is rare. My point is that we DO NOT remove any other part of a baby's body because he might get cancer as an adult . Again, any part of the body can get cancer. I just don't' get why we apply this theory ONLY to the foreskin. IT is mind boggling really. Then there is the reduces HIV/STD argument. Anytime an article comes out supporting this theory another article comes out disproving it, and the back and forth of this continues. So, please take this with a grain of salt. Not to mention those that support this argument also say safe sex is the most important way to reduce HIV/STDs. Finally and my favorite is the fact that doing it as an infant means you won't have to do it later due to Phimosis or something of that nature. First off Phimosis is rare and can usually be treated in other ways(like steroid cream) before jumping to a surgery(although some doctors will jump to surgery before trying other methods). And if an adult male does end up NEEDING this surgery, well then it will be like any other surgery a person gets in their life...ONLY DONE WHEN MEDICALLY NEEDED!!!!!!!

Some quotes I love

"Risk assessment for an unnecessary surgery must be held to a higher standard than that for a life saving surgery. We accept that heart transplant carries with a substantial risk of death, but without it there is a certainty of death. On the other hand, the risk from circumcision, which has no therapeutic value, needs to be zero for the infants sake, all the more so because he is never consulted about weather he wishes to take his chances"- Doctors against circumcision
"American graveyards have hundreds of thousands of dead, HIV positive, circumcised males. The CDC reports that 80% of ADULT American males are circumcised. When HIV was first discovered the rate was over 90%. The United States has the dubious honor of having a extremely high circumcision rate and the highest per ca pita HIV rate in the developed world.

HIV is a disease of behavior. If you want to avoid HIV, you need to practice safe sex and avoid needle drug use or at the very least sharing needles. This means periodic testing and 100% condom use unless one is in a faithful magnanimous relationship were both partners are disease free. Proper behavior is the only things that will protect both men and women, gay and straight, from HIV"-anonymous


  1. Thanks, Passionate Lady. You are doing the right thing by sharing this information. It's hard for lot of people to hear, because it can bring up uncomfortable feelings of guilt or fear or shame, but we NEED to keep talking about this issue.

    These painful feelings need to be faced and addressed, and kudos to you for doing it. I hope you continue to speak out!

    Take care,