Sunday, May 30, 2010


"A woman was recalling how her son, had nearly bled to death after his ritual circumcision. She was so traumatized that she never had a second child. she couldn't face the dilemma, of whether to do the deed or not. Yes, despite the fact that her son had almost died, it remained a dilemma for her. She could neither circumcise another son nor face having an uncircumcised son. So, she had no more children. " Dr. Goodman

I'm glad i had the power to say never again. Yes, i didn't have religion to worry about, but i had family, friends and society to tell me i was wrong. I had to deal with explaining to EVERYONE why i was doing this(or i guess not doing this). Why I was going against the "norm" . I had to deal with people telling me i was wrong, but i stood my ground. For my sons... i would stand up to GOD himself if he came down on this earth to question me(not a very popular response i get when i say that though...LOL) . Hunter I'm sorry, i didn't know sooner. I'm sorry i was blinded by what society told me was right. Landon, I'm so glad you were spared. I'm glad the decision will one day be your choice, not mine or your fathers.

And to are such a awesome father and husband. You took the time to listen to me, to understand that medically it was not needed. You got over the fact that your second son would not look like you. You were selfless, when many men would not have been. I love you and I love your willnessing to hold my hand and our sons hands and say "not MY family, not ever again" .

I know when i put this stuff on my FB or my blog, i'm not the most popular person. But I told myself when Hunter was a baby, that his reattachement complication from circumcision would not be in vain. I would let people know that even if you don't agree with me, i will talk and will spread the word. I can not make someone else listen, but i can make myself speak and speak LOUDLY!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Thank you. That's all I can say. Thank you.

  2. :D What a happy ending. Keep speaking out, Passionate Lady! :D

    I am glad to hear your husband was open minded and awesome. You picked a good man, and he picked a good woman.

    Thank you for being part of the movement to end non-therapeutic infant circumcision